Luxury Hotels

Hotel di lusso - alberghi di lusso a Sanremo - luxury hotels in san remoThe best hotels in San Remo are outfitted in complete comfort and with all the services you could possibly need during your stay in this extraordinary city on the Ligurian Riviera. Luxury hotels in San Remo are modern, offering services such as wireless internet, telephone, parking, and a view over the sea. Most have excellent restaurants offering exceptional local regional dishes as well as international cuisine.
Many are situated in the center, near the most beautiful tourist attractions of San Remo, such as the Empress Walk, the Theatre Ariston where the most important Festival of Italian song takes place every year, the famous Casino and the fascinating old town of Pigna,.
Look at the list of hotels we have selected for you, and find the ones furnished with meeting rooms if you are on a business trip, with swimming pool or wellness center for maximum relaxation, private access to the sea or panoramic terrace where you can enjoy the amazing sunsets over the Mediterranean.

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